Saturday, January 5, 2013

WARNING: Not All Teachers Teach Great Truth

Be careful of false teaching that people are throwing out here on Facebook or any social media. While they sound "deep" enough to draw you in, they are not teachers of great truth (GOD's Truth). They throw in Scriptures to make -what they are calling their "newfound wisdom and insight" enticing and engaging. They have been deceived by their own interpretations and the knowledge that appears to be "spiritually deep" is simply another form of witchcraft.

We might be friends on Facebook, but if you come on any of my pages with any of your foolishness, deceptions, and manipulations, you will be rebuked, blocked, and deleted. I don't have time for your sooth-sayers that bring nothing but confusion and divisions which are causing babes in Christ to stumble.

People of GOD, having a PERSONAL and INTIMATE relationship with Jesus and knowing AND UNDERSTANDING, which means YOU NEED TO STUDY THE WORD, while giving room for the Holy Spirit - not another spirit, philosophy, theology, or doctrine - BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT of GOD will grant you true success from erring away from HIS commandments. The 66 books that make up the BIBLE - GOD's WORD is our Biblical instruction before leaving earth. Be very watchful of those who are TAKING AWAY and/or ADDING to the WORDs of the prophecies recorded in the book.

GOD IS NEVER the author of confusion, and where you find confusion, is where you'll find rotten roots. Be vigilant!!! For GOD's precious Holy Spirit will ALWAYS teach, lead, and POINT YOU TO JESUS without mixing the WORD because JESUS is THE WORD. 

~Narda Goodson, December 1, 2012

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