Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old Nets Cannot Catch the Hearts of Men

GOD is the GOD of the Nations (plural) - meaning that HE IS GLORIFIED in every tongue, rhythm, and culture. If you go to Japan, how do you think Japanese will worship? Surely not like cowboys, Indians, or Yankees.

For those of you who are so critical and stuck on nothing more than just hymns (now - nothing wrong with hymns), I'VE GOT A MESSAGE FOR YOU. You will NEVER know how to fish for men with the old net, but instead, continue to attract ONLY ONE type of fish - fish that look and smell just LIKE YOU.

You've got to be able to leave your net and that which ties you to powerless doctrine and follow JESUS. Not all fish take the same bait and that is the reason why the disciples left "their nets" and followed Jesus.

JESUS said HE WOULD TEACH US HOW TO FISH FOR MEN. Fishing by the standards and measurement of our limited minds will keep us from casting our nets on the "other side"..

There is a BIG BEAUTIFUL OCEAN out there that is filled with many types of fish. May the LORD find you faithful and may you be counted wise; for he that wins souls is wise - Proverbs 11:30. ~Narda Goodson, 2012 Daily Doses of Gospel "PiLLs"

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