Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let GOD Make a Man Out of Him Before Trying to Make Him a Husband

When you don't wait on GOD, you sell yourself short.

Think about it:
You've invested your life and given him EVERYTHING - access to your body, your mind, your heart, your soul, your home, your food, your children, your money, your dreams, your years, your tears and he hasn't invested in you to make you his wife? Remember, you gave it for free with no demands, no vision, no plans, no promises, requirements, restrictions, or boundaries. You gave him full access like a privileged child in a candy store.

So now, without having to prove himself to be a man worthy of your value, you are left disappointed because he's not giving you his EVERYTHING.

Don't be mad at him now because he has given you exactly what you allowed him to initially bring to the table - NOTHING.

Ladies, please don't keep repeating the same mistake. Value yourself enough and let GOD make a man out of him before trying to make him a husband. 

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~2013 Narda Goodson, 2013 Daily Doses of Gospel "PiLLs"

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