Saturday, January 5, 2013

Quit "HUNTING" for Your Man

Be careful with all these "so called" relationship experts that give ungodly and unbiblical advice.  The WORD of GOD says "WAIT" on the LORD and "DELIGHT" yourself in the LORD; He never said to go hunt for a man.  

That's the problem --the LORD never calls a woman to "hunt"; hunting will cause you to be OUT OF POSITION to be "found". 

Your Boaz is LOOKING FOR YOU!  He has probably passed by ten times already BUT YOU WEREN'T WHERE YOU NEED TO BE because you were too busy HUNTING. 

Read the Book of Ruth again and again and again until you understand what type of man Boaz really was and what type of woman Ruth was and what led her to be in "position" to receive GOD's best. ~2012 Narda Goodson, 10/01/2012

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