Friday, May 11, 2012

To Whack or Be Whacked

Hmmm ... what kind of fruit is growing and being seen in my garden lately? Ya' know, a girl's got to take a microscopic look into her spiritual garden very often. If left unattended too long, you'll find that unwanted infiltrators are always on the move attempting to sneak in to camouflage and cohabit with us. I promise to report what I find, good or bad, as the excavation is in process.

Who kn
ows what we'll find? Some treasures? Unwanted disposals? We'z about to find out! It's gonna get a bit messy as we'll have to dig a bit deep. You see, sometimes the fruit won't show until the seed has taken root deep down. So if I appear to be looking like a sister in a fight, no worries, there might be just some cause to do some wacking, weed-eating, yanking, pulling, tearing, and snatching up once down there.

I'm just hoping nothing jumps out at me; I have an awful way of responding with an upper-cut and a ninja kick at anything that appears to even slightly move.

Okay, so time to dig a little dirt and ask the Lord to shine His awesome light into my garden. Let's see what we find! 

To be continued ... 

~Narda Goodson, 2012 Daily Doses of Gospel PiLLs

Narda Goodson 
First Lady of Whitewright, Texas 
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